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    A management tool so cheap and easy. It's just a Purrfect grab!

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    What is Pawzeeble Veterinary?

    Pawzeeble Veterinary primarily offers a tailored Inventory, Patient Appointment & History accompanied with Billing management system for Veterinary clinics. It doesn’t end here though..


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Perks Of Using Our Product

Easy To Use Interface

It DOES NOT take a Genius to understand how it works. We set up your clinic in 72 working hours.

Multi-Platform Support

Access on your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or any Mobile device.

Cloud Based System

Login from any corner of the world and with the device of your choice. Accessing was never this easy. All information is linked to your clinic account.


Your Data Is Our Responsibility. No one except you can see your data. Not even us! We offer AWS server security and 256 bit data encryption to your account.

Components of our management system

Components of our management system


Our Inventory management system works in sync with Billing maintaining precise records for you and provides timely alerts on the status of the products necessary for your clinic.


Appointment management system is designed in a way which reduces the burden of creating appointments without compromising on information or functionality.

Vaccine Cycles

Users have the freedom to create custom vaccine cycle timelines depending on which Pawzeeble's automated process monitors when the vaccinations are due and provides reminders accordingly.

Patient Database

This feature allows users to maintain Appointment History and Health Records of every pet of a parent which in-return facilitates in providing better insight and diagnosis to and from the doctor.


Billing has been linked with the inventory and patient profiles, thus providing a 360 degree view of the clinic activities.


Reports help organize workflow with a deeper insight. Keeping this in mind Pawzeeble provides users with reports which help analyze the performance of the clinic which in return facilitates better development and growth of the organization.

Team Manager

Team Manager helps create and manage Doctor/Employee profiles. These profiles can be given defined/custom access of the management system components which help distribute the workload of the clinic without compromising important information

Branch Management

Complete monitoring of Multiple Branch activities and performances just a tap away. Switch seamlessly between branches and take your organization to new heights.

Dedicated QR Code

This allows your patient to scan and create appointments with you. Thus frees you from the hassle of creating appointments and also helps with the traffic management.

Linked To Pawzeeble Mart

When you collaborate with us you are a part of the Pawzeeble Eco-System. A profile of your clinic is auto generated for our audience on Pawzeeble Mart providing you a wider visibility from where you can generate more appointments.


It is so unbelievable, you will say “that's not Pawzeeble!”

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Know More About Our Company

Why Choose Us

Pawzeeble offers a tailor-made management system built to sustain your day to day clinical operations at a reasonable pricing. This management system has been built taking guidance from multiple and reputed Veterinarians in the industry thus meeting every minute requirements.

Linked To The Pawzeeble Ecosystem

Pawzeeble is a pet care environment curated for every sector of the pet-care industry. Pawzeeble Veterinary is part of the same environment. Thus it opens endless growth opportunities for clinics by reaching out to our database of Pawzeeble users. Let’s strategize your growth together.

Dedicated Support System

Pawzeeble is a group of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. We strive to provide you with every support and solution you need in your business activities.

We Value Your Suggestions

Think we are missing any fuctionality? Discuss it with us, we promise we will meet your requirements. Our clients being content is directly proportional to our happiness.